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Network Protocol Kit

DSS Network's Network Protocol Kit is a Software Development Kit (SDK) designed for developing modular Network and I/O software components running under vxWorks. It is designed to expedite development of vxWorks network protocol stack software and drivers by providing a complete drop-in environment for building modular protocol stacks and device drivers. It leverages the most comprehensive Network and I/O features of the vxWorks operating system and provides additional Drivers, Protocol Modules, APIs and Libraries. It offers a "split module" architecture for separating the lower and upper interfaces of a module or driver. It also comes complete with device drivers for Gigabit Ethernet and USB.


  • Device drivers for USB and Gigabit Ethernet included
  • Device driver templates includes both Lower and Upper Halves for a "split-module" architecture
  • Protocol stack module upper provides a common upper interface module for interfacing with the vxWorks MUX layer as its upper interface
  • Protocol stack modular lower provides a common lower interface module for interfacing with the vxWorks MUX layer as its lower interface
  • I/O dispatcher and director for encapsulating functionality common across all devices. Provides for queuing and flow-control
  • Application API supports both a socket and I/O system application interface for supporting bi-directional transfer of data and control information.
  • Provides a zero-copy "push" (event driven) or "pull" (polled) API functionality. Supports blocking and non-blocking I/O
  • Interface library functions for building named abstracted, and dynamically run-time bindable interfaces
  • Linked list library functions supports both singly and doubly-linked lists
  • Buffer library functions allows the creation and management of multiple buffer pools and sizes.
  • Provides library functions for operations on buffers
  • Queue library functions provides for the management and operation of both single and doubly linked list queues
  • Timer library functions for managing multiple timers within your protocol module or driver
  • Protocol and driver configuration management. Provides for system initialization, configuration and device management
  • Object management provides an object oriented data store for managing and type of data object
  • Built-in statistics, status and real-time tracing for development, testing and maintenance of drivers and protocol modules
DSS News

At the RTECC Show in Washington DC, DSS Networks Announced a New Family of 3U Compact PCI Network Cards to Address New Market Demands.

DSS News

DSS Networks Today Announced a New Reduced Cost 12-Port PICMG 2.16 Compliant Gigabit Ethernet Backplane Switch Fabric Card Targeted at High Volume OEMS.

DSS News

DSS Networks today announced the innovative evolution of it's Model 6468 as an intelligent quad port Gigabit Ethernet server adapter with an onboard level 2 switch providing an independent bypass feature.

DSS News

DSS Networks today announced a dual port Gigabit Ethernet PMC with SC-type transceivers supporting multiple fiber transceiver wavelength options and ruggedized features for MIL-AERO.

DSS News

DSS Networks Today Announced a Next-Gen RoHS Compliant PCI-X Based Quad Port Gigabit Ethernet PMC for Telecom, Mil-Aero and Industrial Apps.

DSS News

DSS Networks Today Announced Entry into the ATCA, MicroTCA and AdvancedMC Product Market with a New Family of AdvancedMC Cards.

DSS News

DSS Networks today announced another highly differentiated extreme performance Network Product -- a new dual port Gigabit Ethernet PMC Controller with pluggable SFP transceivers supporting both fiber and copper.

DSS News

DSS Networks today announced another highly differentiated extreme performance Network Product -- a multi-port Processor PMC Gigabit Ethernet Network Processor Engine.

DSS News

DSS Networks today announced first to market extreme performance PCI-Express Switch/Interface product.

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